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Leadership is not about rank or position, it’s about perspective.
- Dr. Harold Hillman

About me

I am the Managing Director of Sigmoid Curve Consulting Group. At Sigmoid, we specialise in assisting executive and leadership teams to navigate their organisations through significant changes, fostering collective ownership and a strong commitment to results.

Over the past twenty years, in roles as both a senior executive and external coach, I've had the privilege of coaching CEOs, executive teams, and leaders across New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Samoa, Fiji, New Caledonia, South America, and the USA. My clients have spanned a diverse range of industries and include notable organisations such as Kraft Foods, Mondelez, Fonterra, Air New Zealand, Genesis Energy, and many others.

I hold an Ed.M. from Harvard University and a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of Pittsburgh (USA). With a strong belief that the best leaders are also the most skilled learners, I coach business leaders and executive teams to explore what is required to drive deeper levels of engagement.

For over a decade, I have provided weekly leadership commentary on Radio Live NZ and Magic Talk’s Sunday Café.

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Career highlights

Clinical Psychologist.
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Assistant Professor and Director, Leadership Programmes at the US Air Force Academy, Colorado.
A group photo of the US Air Force Academy in Colorado
Director, Amoco Management Learning Centre, Amoco Corporation, Chicago.
A group photo of the Amoco Management team
Dean and General Manager, Amoco Marketing University, Amoco Corporation, Chicago.
A group photo of the Dean at Amoco Marketing University in Chicago
Corporate Vice President and Chief Learning Officer, Prudential Financial, New York.
Logo of Prudential Financial Tower in New York
Global HR Director [interim] and Director, Talent and OD, Fonterra Co-operative Group, Auckland.
Fonterra Logo
Launching Sigmoid Curve Consulting Group.
Sigmoid Curve Group logo
My First Book,‍
‘The Impostor Syndrome’.
Harold with a friend at 'The Imposter Syndrome' book launch event
Delivering a TEDx Talk,
‘Inside the Tent’.
A backdrop displaying Harold's TEDx Talk 'Inside the Tent'
My Second Book,‍
‘Fitting In Standing Out’.
"Fitting In Standing Out" Book launch event
My Third Book,‍
Harold holding up the book 'EM-PA-THY' at book launch event
Speaking at the Auckland Writers Festival.
Harold speaking at the Auckland Writers Festival
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Executive coaching

  • Collaborating to identify leadership strengths and development areas.
  • Conducting strategic one-on-one sessions to refine decision-making, communication, and leadership presence.
  • Providing actionable insights and strategies to boost executive performance and organisational impact.

Induction and transition coaching

  • Assisting in seamlessly integrating clients into new organisational cultures and navigating corporate landscapes.
  • Establishing clear, strategic objectives for the first 90 days to achieve early wins and lay the groundwork for long-term success.
  • Facilitating the development of essential internal networks and strategic partnerships.

Organisational and capability strategy

  • Partnering with senior leadership teams to identify capability gaps and areas for organisational improvement.
  • Advising on the creation and implementation of strategic initiatives to enhance organisational performance and adaptability.
  • Leading workshops to align team efforts with overarching organisational goals.

Executive and talent assessment

  • Applying advanced assessment tools to evaluate leadership potential and team dynamics.
  • Offering comprehensive feedback for informed decision-making in succession planning and talent development.
  • Recommending tailored development plans to strengthen individual and team capabilities.

Leadership development programmes

  • Developing customised leadership experiences focused on key skills such as emotional intelligence, resilience, and strategic foresight.
  • Incorporating practical learning with case studies, peer coaching, and hands-on exercises.
  • Monitoring progress and adjusting programmes to address evolving leadership challenges and objectives.

Building learning teams

  • Initiating development initiatives to promote effective communication, collaboration, and problem-solving.
  • Introducing best practices for continuous learning within teams.
  • Cultivating a culture that values feedback, creativity, and collective success.

Diversity, equality and inclusion training

  • Leading workshops and discussions to address unconscious bias and foster a more inclusive workplace.
  • Sharing strategies and practices to promote diversity, equality, and inclusion at every level of the organisation.
  • Engaging leadership in conversations about cultural competency and creating an environment of mutual respect.

Conference and public speaking

  • Inspiring audiences with dynamic keynotes on leadership, transformation, and personal growth.
  • Facilitating interactive workshops and sessions at conferences to deepen leadership understanding and application.
  • Sharing valuable insights and personal experiences to motivate and guide executives towards their full potential.
When I'm not behind the desk, I like to immerse myself in the great outdoors, cherish moments with friends and family, and catch live sports events.
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