AWF: Event 17 - Festival Gala Night True Stories Told Live: Across The Divide

From the AWF website: Expect the unexpected from a sparkling showcase of talented writers in our much-loved Festival Galastory telling event, now into its 12th iteration and still serving up surprise and delight. Eight writers each take the stage to share a seven-minute true and personal tale, without prop or script, inspired by this year’s evocative prompt – Across The Divide. Braving the spotlight will be: ex-military leadership coach and business writer Harold Hillman, the boy from Gorge River Chris Long, GP and essayist Dr Himali McInnes, Tampa survivor and strategic studies master Abbas Nazari, the queen of historical fiction Jenny Pattrick, rising poetry star Tayi Tibble, Irish physicist and science communicator Laurie Winkless, and host of the linguistics podcast the Allusionist Helen Zaltzman.

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A headshot of Dr. Harold Hillman