AWF: Event 34 - From The Front: Harold Hillman

From the AWF website: Raised in the projects of Washington DC by a father born 35 years after the abolition of slavery and who was barred from school, Harold Hillman is an author and international business and leadership coach whose family legacy is just one of the experiences that have shaped his life. Attending college, where he first encountered white people, he obtained a PhD in Psychology, married, had two children and served in the military, all whilst harbouring the secret that he was gay. Eventually outing himself, he took up a position on Clinton’s taskforce to undo the military’s homosexual ban. Hillman is the author of five books, including The Impostor Syndrome, Fitting In Standing Out and his latest EM-PA-THY, in which he argues that authenticity, logic and empathy are essential for true leadership in business and in life.

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A headshot of Dr. Harold Hillman